My Story

Here's where I'm supposed to place my bio. I guess I could point you towards Wikipedia. I had some records in the 90s and 00s, all still good and still available digitally & in physical form via the Chicago label Drag City. I lived in Chicago for ten years, and lived lots of other places too, but am now back in Austin.

I've been honored to work with many excellent musicians, I should list a few of those here. Everybody asks about Steve Albini! I've also done a lot of touring around the US and Europe, so there must be a way to summarize all that without spelling out each step from childhood until now. It's hard for me. But oh yeah, I could talk about how I had a few songs in movies too, like High Fidelity.

So yeah, when I get this page together I should conclude my bio by summarizing what's going on in my career (basically nothing), and what's coming up next (nothing! but I'll let y'all know if something crops up!). If I were a good self-promoting musician I would totally include a call-to-action to contact me for more information, to check out my music, or to sign up to the mailing list that I don't have. Get on the Drag City newsletter!